Custom and standard A.I. models available

An increasing amount of data is being created and the right data in the wrong format is simply not useful. Unleash live knows it is imperative to ensure data collected is structured and usable, both within and outside of the Unleash live platform.
Data extracted from A.I. analysis is available for download in a flexible manner. Depending on the type of data, customers can download the following formats:
  • KMZ
  • KML
  • JSON
  • geoJSON
  • geoTIFF
  • LAS
  • DEM
  • OBJ
  • PLY
  • 3D Mesh
  • SHP
Unleash live works with cities and government organizations and their GIS software of choice is arcGIS by ESRI. That is why Unleash live are partners with ESRI and integrated with arcGIS to provide seamless workflows for our customers. This means data can flow freely between the platforms and we can tap into powerful tools that make arcGIS great. 
Viewing live streams and conducting analysis with contextual information and data is critical, in addition to data export, Unleash live can ingest and import RTMP and RTSP video streams and GIS and other data sources to provide contextual relevance and overview. Data imported can be viewed on Fusion Atlas, our interactive, geospatial map.

For customers who require integration with enterprise data or existing software solutions for seamless workflow, REST APIs can be developed for data analysis, business intelligence, data visualization and notifications. Get in touch to find out more.

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