Cloud architecture and compute power

A.I. running on a live stream is extremely memory hungry and processing intensive at an enterprise level. Unleash live excels at stream encryption, authentication, and routing to deliver low-latency, high quality A.I. and live video. We do this by partnering with Amazon and Nvidia to deliver cloud infrastructure and computing power. Unleash live’s engineers work with AWS to reduce latency and increase the scalability of the video streaming pipeline. 
Your cloud account enables you to connect multiple camera feeds from drones, robots, and IP cameras for many-to-one viewing and one-to-many broadcasting to authorised audiences. You can authorize or revoke streaming on the fly and view the video in any Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile anywhere in the world. 
On top of this, we enable you to analyze the live feed as it streams or post process image and video data, by processing on the most advanced and highest performing GPU-accelerated cloud infrastructure.
User media library management securely stores HD videos, stereo audio and trimmed A.I. clips to a secure S3 account, making it fully searchable and securely sharable.
Our cloud architecture provides the best quality video streaming and AI processing for any device, anywhere in the world.

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