How to apply A.I. to the live stream?

Before A.I. can be applied to a live stream the desired A.I. App must be activated. Select the A.I. Ecosystem icon from the sidenav

Select the activation button on the desired A.I. app and follow the prompts to make payment to activate.

Activate the A.I. on a live stream

Start byActivate your Live streaming from a phone, tablet or a drone for the first time

You will see the device go Online

Once your live stream has started, you can select the A.I. model from the dropdown box. In this example, the People Count model has been selected. 

Please allow a few minutes for the A.I to go live. 

Where do I find my recorded A.I. footage?

Once live stream has been stopped, your footage is stored in the LIbrary. Select the Library from the sidenav to access all your footage. 

The Unleash live Library categorizes content by videos, photos, models & A.I. clips. A.I. clips store all footage where an A.I. instance has been applied to footage.

Best distance, angles and camera quality to get a positive A.I. detection

For best results, we recommend a distance from the object no greater than 30 meters (100 ft), with the object clearly visible to the human eye. The camera quality should be streaming at a resolution no less than 720p with at least 10 fps and the scene must be well lit. Finally, the angle should be no greater than 45 degrees from horizon for best results.
Images should be at least 4k in JPG or PNG format, videos should be uploaded in MP4 or MOV format, for A.I. post processing. 

Applying A.I. to your 'in account' live stream

This Unleash live 'in account' live stream is designed for fast connection between the inspector in the field and the viewer in the office. This means, usually the person using the smart phone device to live stream in to the office won't be able to view and apply AI from the same device.

Normally, we have other devices such as drones, CCTV, IP cameras streaming in as well. 

To stream and view the AI on the same device is not the usual business process, however there is a way around it to show you the A.I. working on your live stream from your laptop concurrently.

In order for you to now view your stream and apply A.I. you will have to do the following;
- continue your live stream (don't stop streaming)
- open a new tab and login to your account again in this tab
- click on the top left icon "live page", this should show your live stream after a few seconds
- click the apply A.I. model toggle to turn it on
- choose your A.I. from the drop down menu
- click analyse and wait a couple of minutes while the A.I. is fired up - it will transition to a black screen before showing the bounding boxes

Make sure you have a strong internet connection and give it time, you are pushing a lot through the same bandwidth.

Here is what you should see in the 2nd tab through your live stream page

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