Live streaming from a phone, tablet or a drone for the first time

In this article, you will learn how to live stream for the first time. Before proceeding, please ensure the following:

Live streaming from: 

  • Mobile devices, Android or IOS
  • Drone/UAV

Live streaming from  mobile devices, Android or iOS

Download the Unleash live App from the Google Play Store or the Apple Apps store. Install the app, and log in with your details. 

Once logged into your account, Select the Camera button and live streaming will start. Unleash live automatically recognizes your device and the live stream will be available in your Library as Browser Upload once you finished streaming.

Live streaming from Drones/UAV's

    Unleash live supports an extensive list of Drones. For a complete list of supported devices, read this article.

    Start by logging into your Unleash live account. This guide will assume you are logged in via a desktop, however, the steps are similar using a mobile device. Select the Device Management icon

    Select the drop down to expose the list of devices on your account. Select Manage for the device you would like to live stream from, and 

    Select copy stream URL button, the device URL is now copied and ready to be entered into you device.

    Proceed to your Drone device software, in this example, we are using the DJI Go 4 App.  Select the 3 dots 

    and choose live streaming platform. 

    Once selected, choose the Custom RTMP option. 

    Press and hold to paste the RTMP URL stored in the device memory.  Select Next

    and you're ready to go. 

    You should now see the blue icon in the top left-hand corner confirming that you are live streaming.

    To view your live stream, head back to Unleash live on your desktop, and select the live stream icon. 

    You will now see your device go online, and start live streaming. All your footage is now being stored and ready in your Library once you've stopped streaming. 

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