Does Unleash live just do live video?

We love the power of video!
Live video is about immediacy and simplicity.
However, we also support high resolution, GPS tagged image upload, storage, A.I. analytics and model processing.
For simplicity, live streaming your video straight into Unleash live is great to remove double handling by removing side and uploading steps. Setup your device, connect to a 4G or WiFi network and instantly stream all your video footage into your Unleash live account to share or apply a custom A.I App to solve your business challenge.

Some customers require notifications for immediacy  or action where A.I. detection is applied to a live video stream, for example UAV’s flying through bushlands seeking to detect missing persons or anomalies detected in tailing pipes on mine sites.

Where customers have existing footage or do not require immediacy of notification or insights, we offer image and video footage upload that can be post-processed with A.I. to extract meaningful insights. 

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